Common Dolphin

Common Dolphin
Delphinus delphis

About 9 miles off San Diego, a ridge rises from the deep
to within a few hundred feet of the surface.
The resulting currents and upwellings bring
nutrients near the surface, making for a rich food chain.
Dolphins are one of the many animals
which can often be seen here feeding.

It is not uncommon for schools of these mammals
to change direction and head straight for a passing boat,
where they surf in its bow wave for several minutes
before breaking off and resuming their prior course.

Common dolphin are fairly shy, and will not
linger if you join them in the water.
Therefore, to get any shots, we had to get creative.

Waiting until the bow wave was full of dolphins,
we slowed down to about 5 knots, leaned over,
shoved our cameras into the water,
and blindly tripped the shutter, hoping something was still there.
All the while, we prayed that the rushing water wouldn't rip our
expensive (and negatively-bouyant) cameras
and housings out of our hands!

I now own lots of pictures of bubbles, blue water, and tails.
This was one of the few keepers.

Film: Kodak E-100VS
Location: Pacific Ocean, 9 miles off San Diego, California
Depth: Just below the surface
©2001 Garry McCarthy