White-plumed anemone

White-Plumed Anemone
Metridium giganteum

A study in white, the Metridium anemone
shows its beautiful lobed oral disc,
which is covered with small, fluffy tentacles.

This one, shown in full below, was found
on the engine of a small powerboat
which sank in 130' of water off La Jolla.

Although they look like plants,
anemones are really animals,
and are capable of moving around
from place to place.

Metridium anemones prefer colder waters,
and are found from Alaska south.
San Diego marks the southernmost limit of its range.
We're lucky to have a few to enjoy.

Lens: 60mm
Film: Kodak E-100 VS
Location: La Jolla, CA
Depth: 130 feet
©2000 Garry McCarthy