California Halibut - Paralichthys californicus

California Halibut
Paralichthys californicus

This is the last thing many small fish ever see.

Camouflaged by coloring that mimics
the sand upon which it rests,
the business end of a large
California Halibut ignores a swarm of
small shrimp while waiting for
the right meal to come along.

California halibut reach 5' (1.7 m.) in length
and live up to 30 years; this one was about 4' long.  Evidence shows they follow schools of
anchovies and other small baitfish.

Because they think you can't see them,
you can often approach these fish very closely.

Lens: 60 mm macro
Film: Kodak E100VS
Depth: 35 feet (night)
Location: Marine Room; La Jolla, CA
©2000 Garry McCarthy